If you're here on my professional headshot page, maybe you don't need convincing that you need professional headshots. Just in case you are on the border of a good decision or a bad one, I'm glad you're taking the time to look into getting professional headshots. That shows you do see the value in making a professional impression and not handicapping yourself in a time when competition is tough everywhere!


Just about everyone should have a professional headshot! If you have business cards they should have a  professional head shot on them. How many times have you looked at a business card someone gave you and tried to remember “who is that?” Business cards with your picture on them are always more effective. Do you want that to happen with the business cards you hand out or do you want them to look at them and say, “I remember them, that's who I should call.” How much is that worth? How much would just one of those calls be worth?


Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Well guess what? LinkedIn profiles with a professional head shot are viewed roughly 14 time as much as profiles that don't have a professional head shot. From the millions of people on LinkedIn, you could have that advantage. That is worth a lot!


You would be surprised how many people look at your social media pages. People often look up social media pages before they do business with someone. You know you have. Obviously other people do too. Don't the people with social media pages that have a professional headshot seam more likely to be dependable? That is worth something!


Do you have a website or a place on a website? Guess what? People looking at websites for goods and services love to be able to see who they are dealing with! How much difference does it make to have a real person, with a professional headshot, they can see behind the website. It's huge! Websites with amateur headshots just look, well, amateur. When you are in business, you want people to see that you do things right! That has massive value to it.


If you are looking for a job, obviously employers are looking for people who do things right? A professional headshot puts you in the A group right away. If you were looking over hundreds of applicants, wouldn't the ones with a picture stand out first? We are talking about your career here. This little bit of extra effort and money if obviously well worth it.